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Cash Out plan on Odd-Even, Uber and BlaBla Car plans for Car pooling

Cash Out plan on Odd-Even, Uber and BlaBla Car plans for Car pooling
Cash Out plan on Odd-Even, Uber and BlaBla Car plans for Car pooling
Delhi's Odd-even formula experiment opened door for new businesses and new model to accept to reduce air pollution. As a citizen  its our responsibility to save environment.

It cannot be done by government alone, we must participate in govt decision to apply Odd-Even. Here is detailed answer on Quora by Gaurav Jain about this logic..

Update: Uber to launch private car pooling service in Delhi from December 16 

Q. Is the Delhi Government's decision to allow private vehicles with even/odd (last digit) number plates to run on alternative days (to control pollution) correct?

A. Yes, they are correct in taking this step. We must not forget that this is a 15-20 days experiment and these kinda experiments are needed to get the first hand knowledge of pros and cons of such schemes for long terms. I don't know if it will fail or be a hit.

If it fails, then let this failure be a learning and we all know Failures are the pillar of Success and if it succeeds then let it be the milestone of a Government-Public Partnership for the welfare of the City.

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Delhi Air Polution
Delhi Air Polution

Here are few Odd-Even solutions to reach your destination on time in less money.

These are provided by well known cab hailing providers, Paris based BlaBla Car and US based Uber. There is no news from Ola, but they must be planning something to Cash out this situation.

To cash on ‘odd-even’, Uber plans to launch car pooling in Delhi
Uber will roll out its ride sharing initiative to commercial as well as private vehicles in Delhi in the next few days, according to sources close to the company.

By offering private vehicles to register on its platform for ride sharing in Delhi, Uber will tap into over 27 lakh private car owners in the capital.

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Car Pooling
Car Pooling
Ride-sharing platform BlaBlaCar to offer rides as per Delhi’s odd-even plan
Ride-sharing platform BlaBlaCar will launch a new feature that will allow its users in Delhi to offer rides on specific days depending on their number plates in compliance with the state government’s proposed odd-even formula.

The Paris-headquartered firm, which launched its services in India in January this year, has already seen one million seats being offered through its platform in the country.

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Uber and Ola sign MoUs with Rajasthan government
On-demand transportation aggregators Uber and Ola have signed MoUs with the Rajasthan government for new initiatives in the State.

While Uber is launching peer-to-peer ride sharing in the State, Ola will work with the Rajasthan government to introduce some of its products like Ola Auto and Ola Share.

While Uber says its initiative will provide “entrepreneurial opportunities” for 35,000 people, its competitor Ola expects to provide skill development for 50,000 people in the State in the next five years.

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Uber To Start A Peer-To-Peer Ride-Sharing Model In Punjab
Under the pilot project, private car owners in Punjab will be able to register on the Uber app and ferry passengers.

Uber entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Punjab on Thursday to develop and implement a pilot peer-to-peer ride-sharing programme.

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