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Uber to start a peer-to-peer ride-sharing model in Punjab

Uber to start a peer-to-peer ride-sharing model in Punjab
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Uber is allowing all individual to earn  money from their car in spare time. Its a great move for people who have car but don't use them mostly and keep in standby mode in their office or at their home.

Uber is bringing a new-era of earning opportunity for car owners, who want to drive, who knows the city, who are hard working, who want to earn extra bucks, who want to work in spare time.
Taxi-hailing app Uber is all set to experiment with a peer-to-peer business model in India, starting with the state of Punjab, with the introduction of a ridesharing service. 

Under the pilot project, private car owners in Punjab will be able to register on the Uber app and ferry passengers. Uber entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Punjab on Thursday to develop and implement a pilot peer-to-peer ride-sharing programme.

"If a state wants to establish a policy of peer-to-peer ride sharing it is allowed under India's laws. Singapore also has started a policy under which private car owners can ferry a limited number of trips weekly at about half the commercial taxi rates," said Jaspal Singh, co-founder at transport advisory firm Valoriser Consultants.

Uber recently started ride sharing service in Bangalore and currently testing in various situation. Uber is checking for riders response in the new service. Now if uber manage to start p2p model in dian it will create a new set of jobs for indian poeple. This model is active and working in vvarious part of the world, Lyft is the popular name to provide this service in various cities in USA.

I will keep updated this page in future. Expect your comments for this Uber move.
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Posted by Uber on Thursday, October 29, 2015

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