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Uber Ride Sharing Deeper Integration with Mobile Apps

Uber outlook integration with cortana
Uber outlook integration with cortana
 Uber API allows to integrate Uber button in any app. This button can request an Uber cab at your current location or take you to Uber app to book a ride. Uber wants to provide seemless booking for its users for each ride and giving an option to app developers to integrate them same feature in their app so User may book cabs from the app itself. There will be no need to open another app.

Here are some examples about Uber in app integration and guide for How you can do it in your app as well. The above image shows Uber integration with Microsoft Outlook with Cortana. Now you can ask Cortana (A personal digital assistance like Apple Siri and Google Now) to book your ride and it will do just like that.

According to Tech Crunch Post

Foursquare and Uber are teaming up, with the help of mobile deep-linking startup Button, to offer Foursquare users a button within the app to call an Uber.

The idea is that, as you look up restaurants or fun destinations on the Foursquare app, you could also execute on that plan far more easily with a button directly inside the app.

Button’s DeepLink Commerce platform was built to unify the dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of apps you use on your smartphone. Almost every experience is fragmented across your screen — even Foursquare dumped the check-in into Swarm and left recommendations in the main app.

So it makes sense that Button wants to use its technology to gauge customer intent and facilitate the connections that already exist among various apps in a way that provides value to the user.

Uber Integration with Tripadvisor
Uber integration with Tripadvisor
Uber integration with Tripadvisor

"TripAdvisor's integration with Uber's new public API puts requesting an Uber in context, right inside the TripAdvisor app," said Jeff Holden, chief product officer at Uber.

"That's a big deal, because it saves people time and simplifies their lives: instead of having to exit the TripAdvisor app, run the Uber app and enter the destination address, your Uber is on its way with just a tap, ready to whisk you off to the venue you were looking at."

At launch, the new Uber feature for the TripAdvisor app and mobile website will be available in English and Italian, with more languages and cities to be added in the future. The feature is available for both iOS and Android versions of the TripAdvisor app.

Uber with ZOMATO

Once a user has found a place to dine or have drinks at a place by using the Zomato app, a single tap on the Uber button on the restaurant page will allow one to find the nearest cab on the latter’s platform.

In addition to seeing the estimated fare and how long it will take for the vehicle to arrive, one will also be able to choose the Uber service that best suits one's need. Eric Alexander, head of business, Asia-Uber, said, “We are delighted to be expanding the scope of our partnership with Zomato.”
Uber integration with Zomato
Uber integration with Zomato

Uber integration with Google Maps

Uber integration with Google Maps
Uber integration with Google Maps
Google has updated its apps for iOS and Android with a bunch of new features, including Uber integration directly in its collection of options for travel directions. The Uber option will appear when you’re looking up transit or walking directions if you have the Uber app installed on your device in some cities, offering you the estimated time for trips using the car hire service, and launching Uber instantly with a single tap.

This is arguably the most interesting part of the update, since it represents Google essentially blessing one tech-focused transportation startup over all others. Uber is also a Google Ventures portfolio company, so it begs the question of whether or not this is some kind of sweetheart deal, though Google always maintains its venture arm operates independently from the rest of the organization.

Integrate Uber API for your app

Do it! Like now. If you need a kick, here it is:

  • You don’t have to create a new app, spend money on its development and dream that one day it will get you a dollar. With Uber API integration you will get the money from your current users.
  • You let your users solve their driving problems in a new exciting way. If you integrate Uber API in your app, the user destination point will just be a click away. It's a great idea for anything from an event app to a sushi delivery mobile service - hailing a taxi will be possible right from the user home screen. See where I am getting at?
  • You do not need to negotiate with a taxi company in your city, deal with heaps of documents and sign agreements. You do not need to develop your own infrastructure and keep a vehicle fleet. Everything has been done for you. Thank Uber for that and integrate their API! Be quick.
  • You don’t only make life easier for your users. Uber will pay you some for this great ambition. ($5 (USD only for US developers for now) in Uber credit for every new ride)
  • Even if you have a little internet shop, you can solve your product delivery needs in a single click.

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