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Traffline App : Traffic rescue time saving app

Traffline App : Choice Chance Change
Traffline App : Choice Chance Change
Hey Uber Users,

I hope you are reaching to your destination in time, thanks to Uber and its route guidance system and Drivers route knowledge but what will happen if you are new to city or driver don't know the optimal way then you fall back to google map and its traffic awareness system.

Here is an alternative, Traffline App , this app shows the optimal route based upon traffic at the moment to your destination.

Read on the full story to know in detail..

Such simple words- Choice, Chance & Change!! But the true meaning I understood then.

It was a week start Monday morning woke up with hangover of last night party and had a look towards the clock it was 8.45 am! Shit I was late again. I was running around the house, trying to gather my things for a very important client meeting. “Slow down, it’s not the end of the world because you are late” my friend said. “My boss will murder me if I lose the deal for being late”, I stated my feeling. “Good! It will teach you not to be late again” she said

Sometimes, I wonder how women can go 180 all of a sudden. But I already know, no one has ever being able to figure that out, so why to even waste my time thinking it.

God!! I am late. I just wish I don’t get much traffic and get easy road. But, living in Hyderabad city also means, literally mind blowing traffic, pollution, jammed roads and what not. I just grab my stuff and moved towards the main road. “Watch out for traffic route on Traffline App,” shouted my friend which I ignored.

I mean, come on, I have been born and brought up in this city. If people keep depending on this traffic Apps, none will reach anywhere in time. Started my journey and reached Board of Intermediate signal then there was jam packed traffic. God! You don’t have to punish for my tardiness like this, I thought. Unaware of the fact that the next few minutes, will change my day. I saw that the signal was green, but my vehicle is still standing on the same road. If I miss this signal, I have to wait for another 5-10 minutes. With this traffic, it can take longer also. I wish I could see how wrong I was thinking.

Then and there I realised, the Choice that I made to take a chance for changing my day to day traffic woes costed me again. On realization made another Choice to take a Chance and open the Traffline App and checked out for the best alternate route to reach my office on time.
Traffline App Interface
Traffline App Interface
As per Traffline app suggestion it saved my day. 

This time I don’t want to take a Chance and changed my route and chosen the suggested route given by the Traffline and reached office on time.

Life comes with lot of struggle but even then, it gives us (Humanity) a Choice, so we create a Chance, to bring a Change. Traffline App is giving the same Choice to make a Change.

Download app Here 

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