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How to find your Uber Rating

How to find your Uber Rating
How to get Help from Uber
Drivers rate passengers, and that can affect the service you receive.

Now its very easy to know your rating, improve your rating to get better service.

Steps to know Rating
1. Open the Uber app and click the option button in the top left of the menu. Select "help" then "account."

2. At the bottom of the list you'll see "I'd like to know my rating." Select that and then on the following screen hit submit.

In a few hours you'll get an email from an Uber representative that has your average rating. You can't find out what specific drivers rated you.

Upon submit, app will show your rating instantly. No email , no wait. Just instant.

Knowing your rating is important because it could directly impact your wait times. Uber drivers can see your rating before accepting you as a passenger.

Ratings are subjective so there's nothing to stop a driver from giving you a "one" -- the worst rating -- for making them wait a few extra minutes or asking for help with luggage.
Final uber Rating
Final uber Rating

Now you know the pace for help, you can ask for more help such as..
Account deletion, linking account with other services like Spotify, SPG points system etc, change mobile number or email id, account suspended.

Guide to be perfect Rider for better Rating


Ratings help to ensure quality on the Uber system. If you left your rating in error, let us know and we'd be happy to correct it.

Emoji Rating : Uber may start letting riders rate their drivers by using emoji

According to Quartz, Uber is currently testing the new emoji-based system in a couple of markets, although an Uber spokesperson either could not or would not list which ones.

Uber rating via Emoji
Uber rating via Emoji
The rating system was reportedly proposed by Uber’s San Francisco headquarters but, so far, no riders in that city have reported being asked to rate their driver with a smiley face. Surprised users in Singapore and Austin, Texas, though, have tweeted screenshots of their post-ride emoji choices.​

Uber currently requires its drivers to maintain a rating of at least 4.6 out of 5 stars, or it can boot them from the platform.

There are no such standards for riders and, although the company hasdenied blacklisting passengers, users whose previous drivers have consistently given them low ratings might find that they have a difficult time getting a ride.

It will be interesting to see how Uber quantifies those smiley faces or averages the thumbs up and thumbs down ratings, for both parties. Of course, Quartz says, that might be the point:

“Drivers argue these [rating] restrictions show that Uber controls their work environment, and they should therefore be given full benefits as employees, although they are treated as independent contractors […] Reducing Uber’s rating system to “good/bad” could potentially weaken the argument that Uber is acting as an employer, if it indeed minimizes undue firings.”

Still not clear about the steps, watch this video

Is anyone else feeling slightly ‘Face With Tears of Joy’ right now? Because I am. I just wish I knew what that means.

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