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Uber mobilizes customers to channel its message to authorities

Uber mobilizes customers to channel its message to authorities
As Uber grows in number and popularity, regulators face a new lobbying group: Uber Mobile app users who love Uber. 

Uber haven't used any of the tactics in India officially, except Drivers in Delhi protested against ban in NCR region.  Uber is not shy about marshaling those constituencies to lobby public officials who have threatened moves that would hurt Uber's business.

Uber operates in 18 cities in India and more then 300 cities worldwide. Uber faces all , support and hate, welcome and ban. Uber is building its biggest facility in Hyderabad with the help of Telangana Govt outside US. Uber gets Delhi HC relief in capital region. Uber keeps expanding all over the world each week. Still there are many events when it faced ban, hate and challenging time in several parts of the world. Here's a rundown of the digital protest campaigns Uber has set in motion:

July 2015
Uber takes a swipe at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio by adding a "De Blasio's Uber" feature to its app. The app shows long wait times or no Uber rides. Customers are redirected to a petition opposing a cap proposed by de Blasio on the total number of Uber drivers in the city.

April 2015
Uber emails customers across California urging them to sign a petition against a bill requiring random drug testing and fingerprint checks for drivers. When electronically signed, the petition automatically sends pre-written email to customers' local Assembly members.

February 2015
After Virginia allows services like Uber to operate there, the company posts on its website the Twitter handles of key legislators who supported the bill, telling customers to send them a special thank-you.

August 2014
Uber carpet-bombs residents in Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla's district with mailers, slamming her as "anti-tech, anti-consumer choice" and "pro-special interest." Bonilla sponsored a bill to require Uber-like companies to carry more comprehensive liability insurance.

August 2014
Uber blasts California customers with email urging them to oppose an insurance bill it said would "kill ridesharing in the Golden State." The email, with phone numbers for every state senator, linked to a petition constituents could sign in opposition.

June 2014
Uber posts on its website the emails, phone numbers and Twitter handles of every California state senator, urging customers to oppose bills on insurance and driver background checks.

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