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Bring your business to next level with Uber India Event Partnership

Bring your business to next level with Uber India Event Partnership
Uber india Partnership for your event
Uber India love being a part of the action in India. From galas, to festivals, to concerts, Uber india is always looking to offer rides to events and add a touch of magic to your special gathering. If you’re planning an event where guests will indulge in a beverage or two, your venue is in a less-than-convenient location or parking space might be a concern, Uber cabs can help your attendees arrive safely, in-style and absolutely free!

Have an event in one of our active Indian cities?
Ahmedabad, Chandigarh tri city, Chennai, New Delhi Region (NCR), Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi
Uber India want to partner with you! For free of cost , even with free rides to your guests/customers.



  • Get in touch: After filling out our Indian Event Partnerships Form, one of uber's marketing managers will be in touch to hook up your event with a personalized code for a free first ride
  • Get the details: Along with your customized code, Uber India provide a customized image and step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the code
  • Share your code: Time to share the Uber love! Using the image and instructions we provided, send the offer to your guests via email and watch the surprise and delight unfold! 

Do some of your attendees already have an existing Uber account? Most people travel in groups to large events– tell ‘em to request a ride with one of their friends who are new to Uber and ride free together! If everyone have uber account then its good to have split fare and save upto 83.33% on each ride.

Adding more details to it and ideas where you can get benefit of this uber event partnership.

  • Hosting ans live event like music concert.
  • Inviting guests to your Marriage party
  • Ribbon Cutting ceremony of your business
  • House warming party
  • Discounted lunch/dinner for your Hotel/Restaurent
  • To/from rides for a Water Park
  • Celebrate Annual Day/Function of your company/School

Above ideas are for reference, Uber India may have some more restriction while accepting your offer like customer strength, location, timing etc.
Earlier Uber India executives used to reach famous outlets for partnership, now they are open to all to greater customer reach.

If nothing works, you can always give below link to your customers and they will get 1 free ride worth Rs 600/- each. If there are more then one customer they can join together and come to your venue and go back. Ask your guests/customers to use split fare if all already have uber account and no free rides with them. Uber split fare may save upto 88.33% depending upon number of passenger and vehicle.

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