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A witty representation of NetNeutrality, Do you support #NetNeutrality? I support it.

Do you support #NetNutrality? I support it.

Now a days there is a lot of buzz over #NetNeutrality on facebook, twitter and other social media as well as print media and tv news. I just found this image and thought of sharing it wth you all.

You can see more such witty images on the facebook page of Logical Indian.

Read more at facebook:

If you support net Neutrality then go here and click on "Respond to TRI NOW" button to send a detailed mail toTRI to stop "Airtel ZERO" like plans for corporates.

This blog is about uber promo code and paytm cashback offers.  It doesn't say OLA is bad or good, its up to you to use any platform, I personally suggest use both time to time whoever gives money and time-saving offers at the given time of booking.
Brands line up to pull out of Facebook's to support #NetNeutrality -- 6/38 have pulled out so far.

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