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5 Uber rides at 50% off in Pune for April 23-25 [Promocode]

               From Thursday, April 23rd until midnight Saturday April 25th, ALL UBER TRIPS WILL BE AT 50% LESS THAN REGULAR FARES. This 50% cut in fares is for all riders, Uber Newbies and Loyal Uberettos alike.

So here’s a quick recap of the details:
WHERE : Pune

WHAT: 50% off all Uber rides

WHEN: Thursday, April 23rd, from 00:00 hours until midnight Saturday April 25th

HOW: Use the promo code ‘PUNEHALFOFF’ and get 50% off on your first 5 trips between April 23rd and April 25th

New to Uber : Get Uber account and have 1 free ride valid for next 3 months

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