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5 Ideas for First Free Uber Ride

Ideas for First Free Uber Ride
Ideas for First Free Uber Ride

This is a repost from an Old post about the first ride ideas. Earlier I have just written few lines of ideas, Now I am going in some details.

Some Background Story

When I signed up for Uber, I had no need to use it because I was so well versed in my routine that I didn't need anything else for commute and if needed Uber seemed costly, so I talked to few of colleagues to join Uber and get more referral credit (at that time uber used to give credits of Rs 600/- for each referral) and then try using Uber.

First Ride with Uber

With some friends, in one fine evening we decided to go to Chat shop near by, where we used to go time to time in friends car but this time I proposed to use Uber, everyone agreed. I booked a ride, A MERC appeared for pickup in 5 mins (We can track time and route of our cab in app and know some other details like licence number, model, driver name , his rating etc. ) with a smile on driver's face and surprise on our. We reached to our destination which costed just Rs 150 (Out of Rs 600/- which I got for sign up) and had Chat and while returning I asked to my friend to book a ride so I can get referral and He booked.

Have you registered with Uber to get Rs 250/- worth Free Ride, Great. Click this link to get sign up Promo Code.

 Register here to get first free ride.

Uber is reducing first sign up referral ride worth and may soon decide to stop it, so Its better to join and let other join to get referral free ride in your account.
Learn : How to Refer and earn unlimited free ride with Uber sign up

Now if you don't have a plan to ride, here are few ideas..

1. Go to your office. 
2. Go to your friends home for late night party. 
3. Take a late night city tour. 
4. Impress your loved ones. 
5. Go out for coffee/lunch with colleague.

Share your ideas , how did you use it for first time?

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