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Avoid updating UBER app on iOS8, it's crashing, till further info

Avoid updating UBER app on iOS8, its crashing


                I have noticed that my uber app is crashing while opening after I updated uber app to latest version 2.49. I tried deleting and reinstalling it many times but all in vein.
               Now I guess, I cannot go to previous version of app easily. I have a windows mobile so I am using uber there so no problem for me. If you don"t have an alternate device then you can use its mobile site , there you can use uber just like an app even from laptop.

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                I just checked on google to get some help but no info , even driver app of uber is also crashing after update.
                So in all, avoid updating uber app for sometime untill you here from uber to update. Uber is working on this , I guess they have an updated unfinished version 3.14 which will solve this issue but its not rolled out yet.
               You can request uber for download link, if you get please share it with us. Thanks for reading.

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