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What are the main problem Riders are facing with Taxi aggregators like OLA and Uber?

Uber roadbloacks in india
Uber roadbloacks in india
Uber Roadblock in India

Uber faced several roadblocks in asia since its inceptions. Currently they are facing major roadblock for expansion in India in the name of OLA. Ola keeps releasing new feature in its app and introducing new options for riders.

Uber recently filed a case against OLA for false booking and fake accounts to create fake surge pricing to demotivate users for using UBER rides. Uber is also did all tactics to its rivals once named Lyft mostly operating in US cities.

Uber problems for customers
Uber problems for customers
Uber Problems in India

I will tell what all problems I faced with ola and uber :

1. Denial of service : Most of the times the driver asks me the destination when I book through the app and when he feels that it's not in his intended way then he out rightly tells me to cancel the booking as there is no or less fuel in his car(which is obviously a lie) and most of the times I hesitate to tell my destination but to no avail. I have repeatedly mailed the customer service but till now I haven't got a satisfactory resolution.

2. Non availability of cabs during rain : it's almost impossible to get a cab when it's raining as the drivers intentionally switches off the app thereby creating demand and subsequently surge pricing.

3. Difficulty to guide the drivers to the pick up point : It's a Herculean task to guide the drivers to the pick up point as most of them don't know to use the navigation system effectively. I have wasted lot of time in this task and most of the times cancelled the cab as the drivers don't comprehend properly

4. Quality of cabs : Ola mini cabs are the worst maintained cars and there is no improvement in spite of repeated negative feedback. The drivers hesitate to switch on the AC even after requesting them.

5. No call support in Uber : it's impossible to get a quick resolution in case of uber cabs as they have only mail support. Recently my wife had a very bad experience with the cab driver and we had to wait for 1 whole day to talk to a support executive from uber.

6. Surge pricing : There is no transparency in surge pricing. Even though there are many cabs on road( visible through app) still it will be showing surge charge which is quite unreasonable and the drivers take undue advantage of this facility.

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List your own issues in comment box to let others know. Most frequent comments will be added to this post. I will try to show them to Uber authorities so they can make certain changes.

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